Spanish Springs


Our vision for Spanish Springs is to create a modern and sustainable community, designed to respect and complement the rich native landscape. Integral to our vision is the preservation of the rural atmosphere and existing views along Price Canyon Road through the permanent dedication of open space comprised of agriculture, a passive park and conservation lands. And to create over time... a hillside village that evokes the visual images of the quaint European hill towns often found in the French countryside, the Basque region of Spain's mountain communities, and Italy's Tuscany and Lombardy regions. With outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean, a first-class golf course, extensive parks and trails, a boutique hotel/conference center, acres of vineyards and tranquil neighborhoods comprised of a variety of housing types, Spanish Springs will become a unique addition to the City of Pismo Beach for residents and visitors alike to visit, live and recreate.

Welcome to the Spanish Springs web site. Please enjoy your stay as you review the following narrative and illustrative sections:

The Project Description - introduces you to the beautiful setting of the Price Canyon area. The Project Objectives section describes the important goals and objectives to be achieved by the project. The overall project acreage, the number and types of residential units, and the various proposed land use categories are outlined in Project Specifics. The Spanish Springs Specific Plan (this document in its entirety can be found in the Documents section on the main menu.) describes in detail all of the project components.

The Project History - is a detailed account of the project since its inception in 2008. This section includes a project timeline that reflects the historic events and the dates of upcoming events.

The Project Plans - provides you with a look at all the plans that graphically describe the various components of the project, for example, an overall rendered site plan, the agricultural and open space components of the project and the trails and proposed park locations, to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions - and their respective answers have been a direct result of conducting both public and private outreach meetings and comments from the numerous public hearings. This section will be updated as we move through the process.

Project Related Documents - includes a variety of project related documents that form the foundation of the technical, environmental and policy issues that influenced the project.

News & Links - includes relevant articles and web links.

Contact - Please contact us with your questions, comments, interest and support.


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